Farmers Market

Farmers Market

In Farmers Market you will have to build markets to sell farmer´s goods

Farmers Market is a game where you will have to build markets to sell farmer´s goods. This is a time-management game where you will construct different shops in a market. The shops will sell eggs, milk, beef and corn, but also food made from those ingredients, like waffles, barbecue, ice creams, bread, pies and more. To make those products, you will have to buy ingredients from other shops.

In order to finish a level, you will have to meet a goal. You will earn money that can be used on enhancing your markets. You will be able to hire a band or organize blue-ribbon contests in order to attract customers.

The provided download link will save in your disk the installer for the Big Fish Games Stub (3871 Kb.), that, when run, will get the necessary files from the Big Fish Servers (74128 Kb.) and will install the game. If you are running Windows 7, you will probably have to re-run the installation with the settings that the operating system will suggest. The trial version of this game will let you play for free for sixty minutes.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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